My aim here is to give very basic guidance on how to use instruments to guide you to waypoints and to submit your track log. There are lots of different types of instrument suitable for this competition; I have only shown the ones I know a bit about: Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx and the Kobo using XCSoar software. Ask others or read instruction manuals for other devices or software, for example Flyskyhy for iPhone (sadly, no android version). With this app you can even send your track log from the hill as soon as you land! Thanks to Tim Pentreath for the following Flyskyhy guidance.


On your iPhone, click on the xlakes2018(*.wpt) file, then click the Share button in the top right corner, then "Copy to FlySkyHy". FSH will then import them into a new folder in the Waypoints tab. (NB. You have to have bought the Waypoints in-app purchase in FSH). Super simple!!!


XC Guide

Garmin or Flymaster

Load waypoints and download IGC files using GPSDump (see how)

Kobo using XCSoar

You don't need to use GPSDump to upload waypoints/text files to, or download IGC files from, a Kobo using XCSoar.

Just connect it to your computer via USB, select “System” from the opening page, select Export USB Storage.

Do NOT press the “OK” button yet as this disconnects you again!

Use your usual file browser to copy the waypoint file (.CUP) and/or airspace file to XCSoarData.

Use the same process to download an IGC file from the logs folder, found under XCSoarData.

Once you’ve finished up and downloading files, press the “OK” button to disconnect from your computer and select “Close”.

To load the airspace file:

double tap screen >Config >Config 1/3 >System >Site Files >Site Files >Airspaces or

More airspaces >xlakes2018 airspace.txt >Select >Close >Close.

Then, so as to see the circles, but not be warned that you are getting close to/in them double tap screen >Config >Config 1/3 >Config 2/3 >Airspace and press on “Wave” until only “Display” is shown >Close.

See the manual for more in-depth instructions on XCSoar.

Airspace files

Airspace files which show all waypoint circles, not just those used in a task are available to download with waypoints marked as airspace class , load them into your instrument and the waypoints will be displayed even when no task is defined. You will probably want to program your instrument to not warn you when entering the selected class of airspace.